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Let’s get crackin!

Ok so now I actually need to include content. Rough. I figured I’d spotlight one of my favorite organizing accessories.

Insert drum roll here.

The Canvas Shoe Organizer!!!.

They’re my favorite. I currently live in an extremely small apartment with limited hanging closet space so only two of these bad boys live with me (I have 3 more living with my parents in Texas).

I find these “shoe” organizers to be extremely versatile.

They can be used for shoes, clearly.


Side note: I think it looks extra organized if you have all of the shoes placed into their cubbies in the same way.


Please excuse my dusty shoes. Moving to a city that requires cab rides or a couple block walk to the subway (to be economical) and walking long distances between bars has taken some getting used to. There has been more than one occasion when I started my night with hurting tootsies, bad sign!

Anyway. I always put the left shoe laying on it’s inside edge to the right of the cubby and then put it in right shoe standing upright to the left of the cubby. This allows you to see your pretty shoes. If you sandwich the shoes together or put them in with the heel showing (see below) you’re just not showing your shoes enough love. They want to show their “good” side. I have a good side too, I can understand this.


You can also use this handy organizer for another “going out” accessory…..the clutch!


And last but not least, my favorite use…tank top and t-shirt storage!!


I have a huge addiction to basics. When I find a tank top I like I buy it in 5+ colors. My friends make fun of me and my boring closet quite frequently!


Basically you fold the item in halves or thirds depending on how big it is and then shove it in the cubby.

I don’t like putting these items in drawers because I like to see what I’m working with. Hanging these guys would take up yards and yards of closet space. This is a great solution!

Other side note: There are some versions that have hooks at the top rather than the Velcro-ed canvas. I’ve bought these before. They fall apart. The canvas loop is far superior. End of story.

And end of post. Tootles 🙂


Lighten Up?

Hi…………..Mom? Hahaha that’s about it!

I’ve been meaning to become a professional organizer from the time I was 5. How does one do that? I’m still figuring it out. I did however come up with a name for the organizing company that may or may not exist in the future. Lighten up with Becky.

I love the light feeling that you get when you clean out your purse, closet, desk, bedroom, house, etc. Getting rid of things you don’t need, streamlining your life and creating a lighter vibe in your home and your life is what I’m referring to when I say “lighten up".”

There are plenty of other ways to say this but I also liked the ambiguity of the statement “lighten up.” I have commitment issues.

I love to cook and bake. I generally try to do this in a healthy way, lightened up!

I don’t take life too seriously and often try to get the more, we’ll say “type A,” people in my life to do the same. Lighten up!

You get the idea.

Also, just to throw it out there; I won’t be following the “how to blog” rule of a focusing on a specific topic. Commitment issues. You understand ;).





Fewf, glad we got through that first awkward post!